Redwood Caregiver Resource Center is pleased to offer several classes on an ongoing basis. Below is a list of the classes that we are currently offering. Each class is facilitated by a Master's level clinician and member of the RCRC staff. 

Upcoming Events

Calendar coming soon!


Throughout the year, we offer a variety of classes that may cover the following topics. Please contact us for more information about future class dates and enrollment.

Managing Frustration
Managing Frustration is a popular workshop for family caregivers and paid respite workers taking care of those with dementia.
This class will offer YOU skills to:

  • Learn to relax
  • Control negative thoughts
  • Communicate effectively
  • Act assertively when necessary 
  • Take care of yourself
  • Reduce guilt, anger and depression

Powerful Tools for Caregivers
One of the greatest challenges of being a family caregiver is maintaining one's own physical and emotional health.
This class will offer YOU tools to:

  • Reduce personal stress
  • Use community resources
  • Practice relaxation techniques
  • Make tough caregiving decisions
  • Reduce guilt, anger and depression
  • Set goals and problem-solve

It Takes Two
It Takes Two is a popular 4-session series for family caregivers who care for a person with dementia.
Caregivers will learn how to increase their abilities to:

  • Understand, communicate and remain "connected" with their loved ones
  • Understand and modify troublesome dementia behavior
  • Gain the participation and cooperation of your loved ones while assisting in activities of daily living

Stress Busting Program for Family Caregivers
The Stress-Busting Program for Family Caregivers is designed to help participants learn to manage their stress and cope better with their caregiving responsibilities, lower stress and decrease feelings associated with depression and anxiety.  This wholistic approach addresses the emotional, physical, spiritual and cognitive needs of the participating caregivers.  Stress management techniques will be taught including relaxation breathing, guided imagery, meditation, art, music and journaling.

Finding Meaning and Hope
This 10-week discussion series features videos based on Dr Boss’s groundbreaking book, “Loving Someone Who Has Dementia: How to Find Hope While Coping With Stress and Grief”  Virtual sessions are led by Dr Boss. When you join a Finding Meaning and Hope discussion series you will meet fellow family caregivers and discuss how to regain hope and build resilience. You will learn skills that help you stay strong, healthy, resilient, and positive as you navigate your caregiving journey.